A Fall Reading List

As we settle into the season of cozy, I wanted to share some book recommendations with you. I tend to be a non-fiction kind of gal so you’ll find some beautiful thought-provoking reads listed below.


  1. How We Show Up by Mia Birdsong – A truly wonderful book for those who are interested in creating more community.
  2. The Care We Dream Of by Zena Sharman – A read for everyone but a great book for those of us in healthcare. A chapter in this book ponders what healthcare might look like if we had healthcare practitioners who were truly landed in their own bodies before they tend to the bodies of others and that’s when I was hooked!
  3.  Losing Eden by Lucy Jones – A compilation of research and personal stories reflecting on the important connection between us and nature. If you have any doubt how much we rely on nature, please do consider reading this book!
  4. Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto Hardcover by Tricia Hersey – I can’t think of a better book to sink into as we reach the season of slowing down.
  5. Belonging by Toko-pa Turner – I reread this book every winter and every time, I find a new gem. It is a balm for the soul. I recommend it especially if you are feeling a little lost [aren’t we all from time to time?]


If you’re looking for more, head here to my website to check out my ever-evolving resources page. I also have a podcast playlist that I add to regularly. Feel free to share any of your current favourite reads with our community in the comments below.