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Treatment for Long-Haul COVID Symptoms

Long-haul covid is a new term that is being used to described persistent, lingering symptoms experienced after one or multiple diagnoses of covid virus.  Symptoms are ongoing past six weeks from initial diagnosis and can last for months even when the virus is no longer detected in the body.   Individual symptoms will undoubtedly vary […]

Mind, Body, Soul. Heal Yourself, Help Others

Come rest and retreat in the Rocky Mountains!  This October, join Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge, and three of her naturopathic doctor colleagues, in Canmore, Alberta, and be led in a personal retreat designed for healers and health care professionals.  When we work in these professions, we tend to focus on giving to others, and then […]

On Slowing Down

A week ago I found myself on a small island with limited cell service, an outdoor shower and an ocean view minutes away in each direction. For many people, this sounds magical. I had them at “no cell service” and each additional detail brings about an even deeper sense of peace. And even though the […]

Mind Your Feet

Our long-awaited summer is here!  Warmer weather, lighter clothes and of course, many different options for shoes.  The change in season brings a welcomed change of wardrobe and footwear to match the outfit or activity. So, function over fashion, or fashion first?  Well, that depends on purpose and duration of activity. I really enjoy summer […]

10 Habits of Health

Spring is a fantastic time to take a pause and evaluate what old, unhelpful habits you might have slowly developed over the winter, and get clear on what new, life-giving habits you might want to develop.   Our brains are designed so that we cannot just stop doing something.  If we have been in the […]

‘Sign…Sign…Everywhere a sign.’ Are you Paying Attention to the Signs your Body is Sending?

This month signs of various forms have been bringing me messages.  Crocuses popping up indicating spring is truly here.  Ducks literally walking down the middle of the road reminding me to slow down.  An oriole pecking at my window, then my front door reminding me to get outside and put bird food out 😊.  Other […]