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‘Sign…Sign…Everywhere a sign.’ Are you Paying Attention to the Signs your Body is Sending?

This month signs of various forms have been bringing me messages.  Crocuses popping up indicating spring is truly here.  Ducks literally walking down the middle of the road reminding me to slow down.  An oriole pecking at my window, then my front door reminding me to get outside and put bird food out 😊.  Other […]

Freshness of Spring Recipes

Spring is finally here!  With warmer temperatures comes the excitement and desire to spend more time outdoors. This beautiful season is rich with the growth of plants and offers us a wider selection of fresh foods.  One of my families favourite Spring things to do is spend time on our backyard patio BBQ’ing and enjoying […]

Infusions 101: Drink Your Medicine

Join Dr. Brittany Wolfe, ND for a workshop on infusing herbal medicine into your everyday life. Topics include: *Basic infusion techniques *Herbal teas for nutrient repletion, nervous system support and digestive help *Herbal vinegars *Herbal oils *Top tips for getting the most out of your herbal medicines Come prepared to mix your own individual dried […]

Less Waste, Better Health

Join Dr. Brittany Wolfe, ND at The Alternative for a talk on detoxification and why greener healthcare and home care products matter not only for the environment but also for you! We will delve into your body’s natural detoxification capacities, environmental medicine and then discuss simple and effective ways to greenify your home and your […]


The movement and progression from one situation to another is easily summarized as a transition.  Our life is full of transitions.  Some transitions are short and optimized, some transitions can be heavy on the heart, while others can be fun and uplifting.  Transitions can be forced upon on us – death, job loss or relationship […]

Loving Your Lymph

I often say that the lymphatic system is the most underutilized and under-appreciated system of the body. As your own personal waste disposal and recycling system, your lymphatic system spans the entire body and is interconnected with the circulatory and immune system. The lymphatic system consists of various tubes and cleansing stations that move lymphatic fluid […]

My Supplement Regime

I am often asked what I personally take for supplements, and what I give to my kiddos.  Sometimes people are surprised by my answers, for a number of reasons. A main one is that many people still hold the belief that if one eats relatively well, they shouldn’t have to take any supplements.  And people […]

April is IBS Awareness Month

IBS – Irritable bowel syndrome.  Almost everyone knows someone with IBS.  I also have been diagnosed with IBS so I can speak from first hand experience about the trials and tribulations as well as ways I have controlled this imbalance in my body. As the name indicates, irritable bowel syndrome is pretty much an umbrella […]