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Art of Listening

Are we really listening, or just waiting for our turn to speak?   Listening is a craft, gifted to some, while refined by others.  Ego drives a superior response, while humility allows open mutual dialogue. Multi-tasking and distraction are enemies for listening effectiveness and erode connection.   Health practitioners are trained in the art of […]

Recipes to Get You Back on Track

It is more likely than not that you allowed yourself to indulge this holiday season!  And good for you, there is no such thing as ‘perfection’ and food and drink are often a part of our traditions at this time of year.  So don’t beat yourself up, just commit to some healthier choices in the […]

Strengthen Your Wei Qi

If you have been reading our blogs for a while, there is a good chance that you have been introduced to the concept of “qi” by now – the life force that is flowing throughout our meridians from a chinese medicine perspective. But perhaps you don’t know that there are actually different types of qi […]

Expanded IV Menu

Come check out our IV suite and optimize your health this winter!  In order to offer you more choices to fit your lifestyle and to help you meet your health goals, I am now offering an expanded menu of IV services. To learn more about intravenous therapy, click here. To learn more about ozone therapy, […]

Now Offering Allergy Testing with USBiotek

Both IgE (allergy antibody) and IgG (delayed response antibodies – consistent with sensitivities) are antibodies which make up a portion of the immune system. When IgE antibodies react to antigens on foods, this will result in an immediate allergic reaction causing mild to severe symptoms that may be life threatening. When IgG antibodies react with […]

DIY: Immune Support in the Kitchen

Tis the season for cozy creativity and for cold and flu. If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to support the whole family’s immunity this season…take a peek in your kitchen cupboards and fridge. I guarantee you’ll find some ingredients for a tart, spicy and sweet immune boosting fire cider! Fire cider is […]

The Importance of Self-Care

This summer my husband and I welcomed our third child into the world.  Although having a third precious little guy to love has been so wonderful, it is easy to get overtired, impatient, and overwhelmed with the demands of a busy household.  It is easy to forget about myself as I prioritize the needs of […]