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The Skinny on Intermittent Fasting: One Size Fits All?

By Marika Geis, BSc, ND Even if you’re remotely interested in clean living and whole foods, you’ve probably come across the concept of intermittent fasting. It’s all the rage these days and with good reason. It balances hormones, improves sleep, boosts mood and mental clarity, promotes weight loss and increases energy. What’s not to love? […]

Coming Full Circle: The Enduring Beauty of Bone Broth

By Dr. Marika Geis, ND I’ve once heard it said that a good bone broth can bring someone back from the dead. After seeing a variety of conditions improve with this form of nutrition despite an entire arsenal of naturopathic therapies, I wholeheartedly believe it. In an age where we seek to understand our natural […]

Moms To Be: Don’t Forget Your Probiotics!!

By: Dr. Marika Geis BSc, ND Breastmilk is widely acknowledged as being the most complete form of nutrition for infants. Beyond the perfect combination of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and nutrition that change continuously according to the needs of a growing baby – it is responsible for several significant outcomes regarding immune function. In infancy these will manifest […]

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis: Naturopathic Medicine in Action

A Case of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis AKA Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. By Dr Marika Geis, ND When I think of two years old, a vision of the Merry Melodies Tasmanian Devil comes to mind: A screaming whirlwind of dust levelling everything in its path or in the case of my own children, launching themselves off the […]

The Benefits of Water in Your Life

By: Marika Geis, BSc, ND Beverage wars. With the multitudes of choices out there, sodas, ‘vitamin water’, sugar laden antioxidant juices, white teas promoting ‘anti-aging’ benefits, it’s a safe bet that water remains the healthiest choice. However, when it comes to water, consumers often are faced with mixed messages. You’re making a healthier choice sure, […]

Ever Our Faithful Servant: The Liver

Where would we be without you? Dr. Marika Geis, BSc, ND The natural medicine of today is a far different animal than it was a generation ago. In a society hungry for alternatives to conventional medical practices, ‘natural medicine’ has come to include any method that avoids the use of pharmacotherapy. With Dr. Oz touting […]

Demystifying Fever

by Dr Marika Geis ND There’s nothing quite like waking up to a screaming child at 3 am and discovering that they have a fever. Half asleep, the worry creeps in; there’s no cough, no sniffles, no apparent discomfort, only the disconcerting cries of your child and what feels like a forehead about to burst […]

Embracing Chicken Pox

By Dr Marika Geis I have to admit that I felt some apprehension about writing this article. The issue of vaccination is contentious; it’s difficult to find a parent or health care professional with an unbiased opinion regarding immunization. That said, I thought I’d tackle one of the simpler vaccines in that the decision to […]

Progesterone: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Bio-identical progesterone isn’t without risk By: Marika Geis, ND Ask anyone suffering from extreme PMS or early menopause if they’ve benefited from bio-identical hormones and they’ll tell you that along with B vitamins, Fish oil, Chaste-tree, seed rotations, calcium/magnesium, liver and adrenal support, bio-identical progesterone was a game-changer. The benefits of bio-identical progesterone don’t stop […]