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Seasonal Allergies

Summer is in the air!  The same factors that make summer such a pleasant time of year, can also be a source of aggravation for many who experience seasonal allergies.  Blooming flowers, spores, pollen, dust and mold that surface after the snow, are common triggers for those not-so-pleasant allergy symptoms. Seasonal allergies, also known as […]

How To Care For The Earth While It Cares For You

You would be hard-pressed to find a naturopathic doctor that does not also identify as an environmentalist on some level. The reason for this stretches well-beyond the tired notion of “tree hugging hippie doctors.” Instead, naturopaths are well aware of two very important things: Nature is an integral part of the healing process. If you have […]

Naturopathic Medicine Week 2021

Have you heard? Naturopathic Medicine Week 2021 is coming up! May 16 marks the start of the annual week that celebrates naturopathic medicine and the positive impact it has on the lives and health of Canadians. Created in 2000, Naturopathic Medicine Week is an awareness week for advocating on behalf of the naturopathic profession and […]

Post-Viral Recovery

You may have come across the term post-viral syndrome more often in the recent times – perhaps more times than you care to admit. Unfortunately, it’s not going anywhere and is likely going to be a growing topic of interest that sticks around for a lot longer in the years following these recent times.  I’m […]

GRIT: The Title Says It All!

As I was sitting down to write this week’s blog, it occurred to me that not many of my articles are about naturopathic medicine (LOL). This week is not going to be much different. There is a theme that I think is emerging and likely reflective of where I am in my life at the […]

Spring Clean Your Personal Care Routine

When the change of season finally hits in the prairies, we begin spring cleaning our homes; dusting, re-arranging, clearing out old items and making space for what is to come. Often times, we tend to forget that our physical body could also benefit from a little dusting as well. Dr. Julie Zepp wrote about the […]


Podcasts are an entertaining way to gather new insights into a wide variety of health topics with different experts in their respective fields. If you are wanting to engage in more motivating and enlightening ways to optimize your health & fitness, where you’ll learn how to burn fat, get more healthy than ever, and optimize […]

Getting Fat?

We hear a lot about “fat-free” products and diets that focus on restricting the amount of fat you consume.  Although we want to avoid certain types of fats, fat-free products and diets are detrimental to health.  It is important to understand that there are different types of fats and consuming a diet high in healthy […]

Get Ready to Launch!!! Calling all Earth Aliens

Instead of writing another article on sunscreen alternatives, I’d like to share with you a long held personal obsession of mine. In fact, it was a critical pivot towards establishing roots right here in Regina after our move from B.C. Ready for it? EARTHSHIPS!! What does it have to with naturopathic medicine specifically? Nothing! What […]