Our Brand New Nutrient Therapy Room

After MUCH ado, our collective at Prairie Sky Integrative Health is finally able to offer full intravenous services to our community!  After 3 months of extensive renovations, Drs Allison Ziegler and Marika Geis have a fully renovated room dedicated to IV therapy and are thrilled to offer a variety of options to enhance and optimize your health.

What’s IV therapy, you ask? In a nutshell, Intravenous therapy, often referred to as ‘nutrient therapy’, is an effective method of delivering healthy doses of vitamins and minerals directly into a patient’s circulation.  By injecting these core nutrients into the bloodstream, 100% absorption into tissues is achieved resulting in more effective and predictable symptom relief.   The nutrient cocktail that is put together is tailor made for you and your unique needs and will be composed of a variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and/ or plant extracts.

How would nutrient therapy benefit me? 
Though there are countless reasons why you might choose to pursue nutrient therapy or be recommended it by your health care provider, here are our top two:

1) Enhancing overall wellness.  For people experiencing fatigue, recovering from surgery, are malnourished as a result of poor digestion, or requiring support for athletic performance, the classic ‘Meyer’s Cocktail’ functions as a restorative formula. Essentially, a very effective multi that gets right into your system! If we add just a couple more items this can also be used to support your detoxification program outlined by your naturopathic doctor.

2) Dramatically improving immune function:  Have you heard yourself or someone you know utter the words:  “I just can’t seem to shake this cold!” ; “I get sick no matter which way the wind blows” ; “I have shingles” ; “I want to keep my immune system as strong as possible this season” ; “I suffer from allergies, and need relief!”
There isn’t much that comes close to what can be done with high dose Vitamin C therapy to help someone get over an infection of any sort while also regulating their own immune system.

If you are an existing patient at the clinic, make an appointment with your current naturopathic doctor (Allison, Brittany, Julie, Marika or Michelle) and they can refer you to Dr. Marika Geis or Dr. Allison Ziegler, our doctors certified in IV therapy, to administer the cocktail they feel would be most suitable for your needs.  Our goal is to work collaboratively here at the clinic, using our individual expertise to serve you best!

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