The Next Right Thing

The next right thing by Julie Zepp Rutledge

Last night I watched the movie Brittany Runs a Marathon.  Here is the trailer: 

It’s well worth the watch, predictable as it is, it both hits home and inspires.  And it is actually inspired by a real life woman, a friend of the writer and director’s.  I feel it’s three big take-away messages are:

1.  In this movie the main character is confronted by the reality that her physical, mental and emotional health are all being challenged and she is given a wake-up call from a doctor who asks her to make difficult lifestyle changes in lieu of giving her medication.  Initially she has trouble wrapping her head around the cause and effect, that her nights of drinking, her poor lifestyle habits, food choices, toxic relationships and lack of exercise could have anything to do with her difficulties with focus and concentration and energy and on making something of her life.  It is a testament to how poor we can be at listening to our bodies!  Our bodies are always speaking to us and as I am frequently known to say: “when we listen to our bodies when they whisper, we don’t have to hear them scream.”  The first step starts with stepping out of denial and towards awareness and accepting responsibility for our choices.

We see this a lot, as Naturopathic Doctors, patients that come to us with ailments for which they want remedies, however the ailments themselves are but leaves on a diseased tree.  What we need to do is to treat the soil, the roots and the trunk of the tree through emphasis on the fundamentals of health: water, physical activity, fresh air, sunshine, healthy nutrition, proper rest and sleep and nurturing relationships, first and foremost the relationship we have with ourselves.

2.  Sometimes health can feel overwhelming and we don’t know where to start.  When confronted with the knowledge of her very real health issues, Brittany embarks on a program to start running.  She is motivated by a kind neighbour who reminds her to start with just one small thing.  A Lao Tzu quote that I love and refer to time and time again when I feel overwhelmed: “A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.”  She starts with a block.  One single block.  And eventually works herself up to the New York City marathon.

3.  A classic “avoidant”, used to toxic relationships, Brittany tries to push her new well-meaning running friends away, not used to experiencing true support.  It is a great example that while we are the only ones that can do our work, truly, no one can make changes for us: not our friends, doctors, healers, counselors, spouses, parents, etc.  Truly the onus is on us.  We pick up the fork, we put one foot in front of the other, we say “yes” or “no”.  HOWEVER, if we were meant to do it alone, we would have been given our own planets!  Instead we are all here together and one of the most important things we can do for ourselves is learn to ask for help, receive help and lean on others.  Community is key to healing.

The bottom line is, no matter what your health goals might be, chunk it down!  First, get honest with yourself.  Without any judgment on yourself, but rather a neutral inventory: what is working for you and what isn’t?  Figure out where you need to make changes and set about getting the support you need to help you out.  While goals are important, take it one step at a time.  I like to remind myself, and others, that I only have control over the moment right in front of me.  Which means that when I can be a mindful steward of the present moment and make the best choice for myself at that moment, these moments lead the way to a life filled with healthy habits.

So next time you are feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself: “what is the next right thing I can do for myself?” and do just that one thing.  Maybe it is having a glass of water, taking a walk, having a nap, making a smoothie*, having a good cry.  Commit to learn to listen to, honour and follow your body’s whispers and you can create a healthy and joyful life.

Need help?  Reach out!  We are happy to act as your guides and coaches on your personal journeys!

*because I love a good recipe, and your ‘next right thing’ might be making yourself a healthy smoothie, here are a few options for healthy next-right breakfast ideas!

beet smoothie Avocado power smoothie

the great outdoors

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors by Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge ND

With each phase of Re-Open Saskatchewan, we are offered the opportunity to slowly re-integrate ourselves back into the world outside of our homes and computer screens, a welcome relief for the majority of us.  Yesterday morning my eight-year old son woke up, exclaiming “yay! It’s Friday! I’ve been waiting for this day.  The playgrounds open today!!”

We have absolutely been cooped up for long enough, kids and adults alike.  I know for myself my own mental health has been affected by these pandemic times: like a leaf blowing in the wind sometimes up, sometimes down and often spinning somewhere in between.  For me getting outside and into nature has been a tremendously medicinal part of my last several months and I believe it is what has kept me resilient enough to weather the inner and outer turmoil that have been very much real in my life since mid-March.

If any of you are feeling any trepidation about what this means to be accessing playgrounds, beaches, golf courses, tennis clubs or any other outdoor venue that may be open to us at this time, rest assured of the safety of these environments.  Even if there are up to 30 people gathered!  A researcher recently put together this fantastic article about the transmission of COVID-19.  

It outlines those places where one is more likely to acquire the virus, and those that are safest.  As you will read being outdoors in the sun and wind there is next to zero transmission.  Perhaps this will bring you comfort as you venture out again, and perhaps it will even bring with you a new appreciation for these very windy days here in Saskatchewan of late!  Maybe Mother Earth is just trying to help us out and encourage us out!

Speaking of Mother Earth’s assistance, there is a documentary that I watched several years ago that has been brought back to my attention of late.  It is called The Earthing Movie and it is amazing.  It is an award-winning film that communicates the scientific validity in the power that literal “grounding” has on our bodies.  I highly recommend you take the time to watch it.  And then take off your shoes and go spend some time walking on the earth.  That wisdom you had as a child, the reason you feel so good when you have spent time with your hands in the soil, walking in nature, letting the sun kiss your skin?  All of the healing benefits are documented in this movie for you to enjoy and be inspired by.

So get outside, enjoy yourself and revel in the healing power of nature!

Coming Home to You: A Weekend Retreat

March 6 to 8th, 2020

Find freedomWe invite you to spend the weekend with us, to  journey back home to your Authentic Self, and to re-inhabit, and learn to love, your physical body.  This women’s retreat is your safe space to show up exactly as you are, and to experience, connect, and find support through your healing journey.  In this deeply supportive space, we will work at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to develop insight and deeper healing of our relationship with food and our body.
As women many of us have struggled to truly embrace who we are.  From our physical bodies to our feelings and emotional states, to our urges, dreams and desires.  So many of us have learned to please, to contort ourselves (and our bodies) into strangers that we no longer recognize.  This leaves us feeling disconnected, empty, phony… hard on ourselves and often exhausted. It is time to break this cycle: out of the habits of self-sabotage and into connection with your beautiful Soul, learning to live your life in love with yourself.
Your experience:

  • Connection & sharing circles – the power of women coming together in circle is undeniable… We invite you to come in with an open heart and mind, and perhaps leave with a whole new support group!
  • Teaching and coaching workshops – Learn and discover in a safe, supported space.
  • Movement & embodiment practices – get out of your head and into your heart and body; explore the way your body wants to move with a variety of yogic practices, movement, and YES, free-flow dance!
  • Creative outlets – get hands on and deeply connected to yourself and your beautiful body.
  • Ceremony & meditative experiences – together we create sacred space to journey deeper within; experience a heart-opening ceremony with the plant medicine cacao.
  • Nourishing food – enjoy beautiful, high-vibration food to support and uplift you throughout the weekend.

This transformative weekend retreat will set you on the path to a healthier relationship with eating, food, and your body!

Dr. Julie Zepp Kaylee Woolhether Leslie Herman

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Pain is Personal Aug 6

Dr. Julie Zepp Inspired Health has been invited to team up with Saje Wellness TONIGHT for a FREE public session where we will be talking about natural supportive therapies to address pain.

Please share and if you can join us RSVP to Keisha

An Exploration of A Course in Miracles ​with Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge N.D.

Afternoon classes begin Tuesday September 17th, 2019;
Evening classes begin Wednesday September 18th, 2019.
Call now to register, 306-757-HEAL[4325].

A Course in Miracles is a book that changes lives.

Journey with me and a group of like-minded souls through an 8 week course that works with the principles outlined in this powerful book. Author, speaker and life-changer Marianne Williamson has used this book to fulfill her life’s mission of spreading love, dispelling fear, healing wounds and creating positive change in her life and the lives of millions through her own books such as A Return to Love, The Gift of Change, A year of Miracles and many others. I will be pulling from these various resources as well as my own personal and professional experiences with these principles to guide you in transforming your own life.

This is my second offering of this course. The first session, held in the spring of 2019, proved to be life-changing for participants. It was a true blessing to be a part of the physical and emotional healing that took place as we learned about the power that fear has in our lives, and how to overcome it. Our bodies cannot heal when we are in a chronic stress response and most of us live, knowingly or unknowingly, tense, overwhelmed and governed by stress. Learning to heal at the deep level of our thought patterns changes our nervous system response and promotes healing at a deep soul level.

There will be TWO offerings of this course in the fall:
Tuesday afternoons from 1 to 3 pm starting September 17th
Wednesday evening from 7 to 9 pm starting September 18th. All classes take place in the healing space in our second floor boardroom at the clinic.

Investment in you is $375 and registration can be done through the clinic reception at (306) 757-4325. If you have any questions please email me and I will be happy to answer them for you. I look forward to taking this journey with those of you so called!

Join Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge N.D. for a Health Cafe!

Join me for a Health Café – Next date TBA
For those of you interested in Naturopathic Medicine or really anything related to health, but not wanting to commit to a class or workshop I began hosting Health Cafés last year. I hosted one in October and one in late November and both were amazing successes and I am looking forward to continuing into this new year.

This is a concept borrowed from the community involved in end of life care that they call the “Death Café” where people join together and discuss this important but difficult topic, helping remove fear and encourage discussion.

My Health Cafes are an opportunity to gather together people of like-mind and spirit together in community to talk about anything and everything that involve any and all aspects of health. We often feel isolated in our quest for health, especially as we embark upon journeys that may be out of the mainstream. We may find that our families or workplaces or friends resist and even try to sabotage our efforts. Having a supportive community can really help us realize our goals.

My vision/ mission for the Health Café is “To bring people together in Community in the Spirit of Health.” My hope is that you might find inspiration, wisdom and kindred spirits in these evenings. The Cafes are by donation, and a whole lots of fun and inspiration so stay tuned for details!

I am asking that you please reserve a spot by calling the clinic at (306) 757-4325. Please join me!

The Artist’s Way with Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge N.D.

Next session TBA
The Artist’s Way is 12 week program written by Julia Cameron. Initially intended to be a program to help creatives free themselves from “writer’s block” this book/ program rapidly became a worldwide success used by individuals of all walks of life as a tool to help tap them tap into their inner creativity, wisdom, confidence and remove blocks from all aspects of life.

I have been through this program several times in my life and each time I do it, it has moved me through periods of stagnation and has helped me rediscover my motivation, move through self-sabotaging habits and tap more deeply into my potential.
Though it is possible to do this as a workbook on one’s own, joining a group to do the work creates commitment, accountability and deepens transformation.

Investment in you is $475. This is for 14 weekly meetings, materials but does not include the book itself.

Space is limited so please call (306) 757-4325 or email me to register or for more information.

Stop Self-Sabotage now!

Registration for the May/ June 2019 session is now closed. Check back regularly for new class dates!
Call now to pre-register, 306-757-HEAL[4325].

Do you have goals for your health? life, in general?
Need some help breaking free from old self-sabotaging patterns?

Reform your Inner Mean Girl by Christina Arylo and Amy Ahlers is one of my (Dr. Julie’s) most favorite resources that teaches you how to stop sabotaging yourself and start living a life led by your own intuition and wise inner self. I have used this book, personally, to help me move past the self-limiting beliefs and blocks that have prevented me from living a healthy and peaceful life. I have recommended this book countless times in my private practice and use principles from the book in my Soulful Healing sessions.

I led my first group through an Inner Mean Girl Cleanse earlier this winter and the process was powerful and life-changing. This workshop was so much fun and so empowering for participants that I am leading it again! Using the book Reform your Inner Mean Girl our guide, and sprinkling in many other transformation tools such as journey-work, guided imagery, and creativity, we will meet weekly for 8 weeks, Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm, starting May 1st (with a week break May 15) until June 26th. Investment in you is $375.

*Please note due to another course being offered at the clinic on May 15th we will take a one week break that night and resume classes the following Wednesday.

Take the quiz at to find out your Inner Mean Girl Archetypes, learn more about the book and get motivated to join a group of like-minded women on this journey. Call the clinic today to register (306) 757-4325.

Eat your Way to Better Health ​with Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge N.D.

Stay tuned for fall 2019 dates, TBA.
Call to pre-register and reserve your spot. 306-757-HEAL[4325]

Feeling low energy, achy, foggy headed? ​skin issues? headaches? mood swings? hormonal imbalance? Or perhaps you are just curious about cleansing and learning more about healthy eating?

Then join myself and others just like you in need of a little guidance, support and accountability in setting you up with some healthy habits for spring. What we nourish our bodies with has an immediate connection with how we look, feel and act.
For over a decade I have been offering supportive group classes on many topics related to health and healing. Making the nutritional changes required for health is often a difficult journey and I have found that most of us achieve maximal success when participating in a group setting.

These groups gather together Mondays from 5:15 to 6:15 pm and for 3 weeks (over 4 weekly meetings) we will meet and work with the principles of clean eating. You will receive a binder of supportive handouts and recipes that we will add to week to week. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, share your experiences, and offer and receive support to a community of like-minded souls.

All classes take place at 2146 Robinson Street, at my clinic: the Cathedral Centre for Wellness in the 2nd floor boardroom.

Investment is $175, not including the price of the optional supplements to be used during the course of the program. A discount will be offered on any supplements recommended to you during the class.
​Please call the clinic at (306)757-4325 or email me for more info or to register.

Soulful Healing with Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge N.D. – Part 2

Next 8-week session of Part 2 – Next Class TBA
Due to eager demand, my Soulful Healing class has evolved and now has a Part 2! Many participants expressed they had such a profound experience in part 1 and so appreciated learning and having an opportunity to practice and be held accountable to the positive changes they were making towards their health that they asked to keep going, enjoying the spirit of community and deepening their relationships with themselves.
In part 2 we cover:

Week One – Going deeper, the Whole Health Cairn. Borrowing from the work of Dr. Lissa Rankin MD, author of Mind Over Medicine we refresh ourselves on the essential components required for Whole Health.Week Two – Walking the Hero’s Path. Using Joseph’s Campbell’s model of The Hero’s Journey we discuss the ups and downs of healing and the journey of our lives.

Weeks Three and Four – We learn about acceptance and its role in healing our minds and bodies from the work of Byron Katie and her book Loving What Is. This is powerful and profound work on releasing our resistance and gaining acceptance and peace in our lives.

Week Five – Creating your “survival kit”: this is a fun and light week during which we talk about strategies that are supportive to helping us out in walking our path to move resiliently towards our goals.

Week Six – Aligning with our Values – identifying and living by our value systems as a way to walk the ‘bright line’ towards manifesting our goals.

Weeks Seven and Eight – Discussions of the role of God/ Spirit/ spirituality in healing.

Pre-requisite: completion of Soulful Healing – Part 1

All classes are held at the Cathedral Centre for Wellness – 2146 Robinson Street.

Investment in yourself is $375, Space is limited to 8 participants in order to maintain intimacy and connection.

Call (306) 757-HEAL [4325] for more details or to register.