Coming Home to You: A Weekend Retreat

March 6 to 8th, 2020

Find freedomWe invite you to spend the weekend with us, to  journey back home to your Authentic Self, and to re-inhabit, and learn to love, your physical body.  This women’s retreat is your safe space to show up exactly as you are, and to experience, connect, and find support through your healing journey.  In this deeply supportive space, we will work at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to develop insight and deeper healing of our relationship with food and our body.
As women many of us have struggled to truly embrace who we are.  From our physical bodies to our feelings and emotional states, to our urges, dreams and desires.  So many of us have learned to please, to contort ourselves (and our bodies) into strangers that we no longer recognize.  This leaves us feeling disconnected, empty, phony… hard on ourselves and often exhausted. It is time to break this cycle: out of the habits of self-sabotage and into connection with your beautiful Soul, learning to live your life in love with yourself.
Your experience:

  • Connection & sharing circles – the power of women coming together in circle is undeniable… We invite you to come in with an open heart and mind, and perhaps leave with a whole new support group!
  • Teaching and coaching workshops – Learn and discover in a safe, supported space.
  • Movement & embodiment practices – get out of your head and into your heart and body; explore the way your body wants to move with a variety of yogic practices, movement, and YES, free-flow dance!
  • Creative outlets – get hands on and deeply connected to yourself and your beautiful body.
  • Ceremony & meditative experiences – together we create sacred space to journey deeper within; experience a heart-opening ceremony with the plant medicine cacao.
  • Nourishing food – enjoy beautiful, high-vibration food to support and uplift you throughout the weekend.

This transformative weekend retreat will set you on the path to a healthier relationship with eating, food, and your body!

Dr. Julie Zepp Kaylee Woolhether Leslie Herman

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GOT GUTS? Every Tuesday Night!

Open House Sept 21st!


Have you ever thought about exploring Naturopathic Medicine? We invite you to join us to find out more at our FREE open house on Saturday Sept 21st, 2 to 4pm! Pop-ups by Body Fuel Organics & Saje Wellness will be showcasing their products and services! 10% off for initial visit for new clients, door prizes, free samples, healthy snacks and demos! 

Pain is Personal Aug 6

Dr. Julie Zepp Inspired Health has been invited to team up with Saje Wellness TONIGHT for a FREE public session where we will be talking about natural supportive therapies to address pain.

Please share and if you can join us RSVP to Keisha

Join Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge N.D. for a Health Cafe!

Join me for a Health Café – Next date TBA
For those of you interested in Naturopathic Medicine or really anything related to health, but not wanting to commit to a class or workshop I began hosting Health Cafés last year. I hosted one in October and one in late November and both were amazing successes and I am looking forward to continuing into this new year.

This is a concept borrowed from the community involved in end of life care that they call the “Death Café” where people join together and discuss this important but difficult topic, helping remove fear and encourage discussion.

My Health Cafes are an opportunity to gather together people of like-mind and spirit together in community to talk about anything and everything that involve any and all aspects of health. We often feel isolated in our quest for health, especially as we embark upon journeys that may be out of the mainstream. We may find that our families or workplaces or friends resist and even try to sabotage our efforts. Having a supportive community can really help us realize our goals.

My vision/ mission for the Health Café is “To bring people together in Community in the Spirit of Health.” My hope is that you might find inspiration, wisdom and kindred spirits in these evenings. The Cafes are by donation, and a whole lots of fun and inspiration so stay tuned for details!

I am asking that you please reserve a spot by calling the clinic at (306) 757-4325. Please join me!