We Welcome Christine Borschneck to Our Team!

Christine Stinson Borschneck, RMT, SEP, NMT, Erotic Blueprint™ Coach, Usui Reiki Master is a many-storied professional bodyworker and therapist specializing in trauma. Her combination of skills ushers her clients into deep transformation resulting in the most well-rounded people possible. Since trauma can appear in the body in many ways, Christine makes sure to tackle all areas of wellbeing to find the key issues that a person is struggling with. She addresses aspects of both physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health while understanding how they are intertwined.

Christine’s work in sexuality and sex education has been extremely beneficial and has allowed many couples to overcome the barriers to intimacy and helping them achieve positive communication methods which removes the shame and anxiety surrounding that aspect of their lives.

The safe, loving and non-judgemental space that she holds for each person while sharing her knowledge of trauma, the physical body, nutrition, sensuality, self love and energy is key to her practice. Christine makes sure that individuals walk away embracing a fearless and passionate version of themselves that gives them the ability to take control of their lives.

For more information on Christine and her work, please visit her website and to book an appointment with her, please visit her online booking site

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