Clinic Updates

It’s 2021 and time for a fresh start!

This is very much the theme we have on the go around the clinic these days: fresh starts!

If you have already been by this week for an appointment or to pick up a supplement you will know first hand how different things are looking! First off you likely hauled yourself up our steep set of stairs as you usually do, only to arrive to the second floor while it closely resembles Cindy Lou-Who’s living room looked after the Grinch had been there!

Yes, our previous second floor reception area is looking rather bare at the moment as we get it redecorated. And our amazing office manager, Char, is feeling a bit lonely at her space with the main reception desk now occupying main floor space, so please do pop up to say hello to her when you have a chance.

After having been redirected back down to the main floor, you will have walked into our spacious newly renovated reception area and perhaps had an appointment with Marika or Allison, whose offices are now downstairs, or had a seat in our new IV room for your nutrient boost. All of us have access to main floor space now so if you are a patient of one of our “upstairs docs”: Julie, Brittany or Michelle, you can request a main floor visit if mobility is an issue!

In the coming weeks we will be expanding our dispensary so you will be able to refer your friends and family to pick up high quality professional supplements, organic skin care products, cookbooks, journals, essential oil sprays and balms and topical creams and lipbalms, without needing to be a patient of the clinic!

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