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One of my biggest passions is creating community.  In the work I do I have the opportunity to work with the most magnificent folks.  Despite the fact that I am an avid introvert and love my solitude, quiet time and am in love with my own company, I also love people.  People walk into my office and I gift them the welcome opportunity to leave their masks at the door and show up as their truest self.  Vulnerable, hurting, in pain, sad, joyful, in celebration of a success, proud of themselves, disappointed in themselves… I get to take you as you come and in so doing get to see the real you.  The words “you can be perfect and be admired or you can be real and be loved”, said by one of my favorite authors, Glennon Doyle, ring in my head every day in not only my professional, but also my personal life, as I venture on my own road to self-exploration and healing on all levels, right down to what I call soul archeology.

My passion for my own personal growth has led me to many amazing health professionals in our community, and many of these incredible individuals have not only become incredible friends of mine, but also wonderful resources to which I can refer those people that I work with.

I often feel like a cupid.  Connecting patients with other healers and supports I know they will resonate with, as well as connecting them with other like-minded, like-hearted souls by way of the courses I offer and groups that I lead.

OK, so my point of all of this?  Two-fold:

  • I am so excited to see the next step of a dream I have had since the inception of my Naturopathic Medical practice 16 years ago start to unfold. When I began practice in January 2005 I worked with Warren Barry at Regina Rehab and Family Medical Clinic.  This was a multi-disciplinary clinic in northwest Regina and we had massage therapy, physical therapy, family medicine, naturopathic medicine and chiropractic medicine all in one facility.  I loved the space that Warren had worked so tirelessly to create and it was my work home until November 2009 when the birth of my first child led me to crave greater simplicity in my life.  I moved my practice to a small space on College Avenue with two other local NDs and this slower paced environment was exactly what I needed in order to focus on family first, practice second.  In September 2012, re-inventing my work-self yet again after the birth of my second child, Marika Geis and I opened the space we are now operating in on Robinson Street.  Formerly known as Cathedral Centre for Wellness our clinic has evolved over the years as different team members have come and gone, each a season of its own with its own gifts and learnings.  Now that my kids are older (11 and 8!) it has felt the time to reinvest myself in my work and take the next step towards the creation of a multi-disciplinary space of “my” own.  I have “my” in quotes as nothing is our own creation, everything is a co-creation and Prairie Sky Integrative Health is very much a team project.  And becoming more so every day.  This fall we had the opportunity to take over the building and we now occupy both floors.  As such we have more rooms available to rent and have been acquiring new practitioners to our space over the last couple of months.  This manifestation of a centre that services the wider needs of the community and profiles and gives a home to some of the amazing health care providers that Regina has to offer absolutely fills my heart!

Not only do we now have five amazing Naturopathic Doctors, this month we welcomed four new people: Carissa Bell, Christine Stinson Borschneck, Jenine Boser and Ryan Schaffer into our fold.  Starting February 1st we have our first public offering being hosted at our clinic space by Michele Mihial who is leading an 8-week breath work course.  We have spaces for rent daily, weekly or monthly, as well as a boardroom that can be rented for public offerings.  With COVID restrictions in place this area can safely welcome 7 individuals, physically distanced and masked.  The initial stages of a dream come true for me!

  • Here is the additional excitement for community creation: Regina Real is now also operating in our space. Christine Borschneck is one of the founders of this organization that seeks to profile Regina based businesses, again, all in the spirit of building community and connection.  I had the honour of being interviewed for them.  They host a directory of Wellness Professionals, an Events calendar for local events and so much great information.  I love the potential for connection and collaboration that this initiative promotes and I am grateful to be a part of it.  Check them out!  Find a practitioner, or if you are a practitioner, get yourself into their Wellness Directory!
    As I like to remind everyone I work with: even though we are the only ones that can do our healing work, no one else can heal our traumas or eat healthy food for us or exercise for us or meditate for us, the work itself is up to us; we cannot do it alone.  We do require a village, a community of support, of safety and non-judgment, of skills and expertise of others and together we can all thrive!

Can’t wait to see you visiting one of us a Prairie Sky Integrative Health!

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