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Early this February I started another nutrition class.  I love offering classes as a way of delivering information to multiple individuals at once, creating a container of accountability, support and inspiration, and providing an opportunity to actually put into practice what we might be learning, regardless of what area of life we might be learning about.

I am famous for saying “information is not transformation” and what I mean by that is that there reaches a point at which we cannot continue to simply gather information, we must put it into action in order to create transformation.  Group work is really helpful in this regard.  As it is with human nature, we are much more likely to remain accountable and to succeed in our goals if we have others to check in with and lean on.

When I lead cleanse classes, like this “Delicious Detox” course I am currently engaged in, I start off with differentiating between Intentions, Goals and Action Steps.  All are incredibly important parts in the world of creating successful change, no matter what area of our life we are looking to overhaul.  We often focus mainly on goals, and believe that if we have our goals clear then we should be able to follow through and make them manifest.  While well-intentioned, this is rarely what leads to successful outcomes, which is why I spend time focussed on two other essential elements of the change creation process:  Intentions and Action Steps.

Intentions create the blueprint for how you want to feel.  Intentions are an energetic creation that are essential for ensuring we move, at a deep cellular and internal biochemical level, towards what we want to achieve.  You should be able to FEEL intentions in your body, as you Imagine and Visualize what it is you want.

Goals are the tangible measurable ways in which we commit to making manifest our intentions.  If our intention is to be more energized and feel lighter and healthier, some of the goals we might have could be to eat cleaner, sleep more, lose weight, etc.

To ensure our goals are being met we require action steps.  For example if our goal is to eat cleaner, we might commit to the action steps of:

  • eliminating sugar;
  • drinking 2 L. of water per day;
  • ensuring we have at least 3 cups of veggies each day, etc.

Action steps are the building blocks that ensure our goals can be met.  They are measurable and can be used for tracking our commitment.

Contemplate what your intentions/ goals and action steps might be for your own health.  Then every morning and every evening when you wake, and as many times during the day as you think to, close your eyes and feel what it would feel like to have your intention be your reality.  Go into as much sensory details as possible (feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling) as you do this somatic visualization.

Read your goals after setting your intentions, ensuring they still feel aligned.

Create a daily checklist of the action steps you have committed to.  I like to use a chart whereby the vertical first column lists the various action steps that you desire to take, and the rest of the vertical columns serve as check boxes for the action steps, each column representing a new day.  You can see a sample of one here and download it for your use.

If implementing such a plan is of interest to you, we do sell the Delicious Detox resource book at the clinic and it includes a 2-week meal plan, shopping lists and recipes to make your journey smooth-sailing.

And if you are interested in a future similar offering, stay tuned to my website for event postings.

In the meantime, best of luck in manifesting your deepest desires for health and healing!

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