Dr. Stark Returns to Prairie Sky

“Maternity leave” just seems to be the perfect opportunity to make great changes! My amazing and generous colleagues Drs Marika Geis, Allison Ziegler and Lynn Chiasson stepped up to fill in for me so that care in the IV room could continue while I enjoyed a few weeks adjusting to becoming a mom of two then got to work on my “mat leave” projects. I have finally made some significant progress towards creating the online programs that have been living in my head for years. At least one of them (my way of making the mind-body work of cancer more accessible) will be launched before the end of this year! Then, after 2 years at Clear Health Inn, the stars magically aligned in just perfect timing to bring me back home to my ND family at Prairie Sky Health. In the last 2 years (since my first “mat leave” whirlwind changed everything) I did lots of learning and exploring options for creating the best care options for cancer patients in Regina. Now, I am beyond thrilled to be finally laying some permanent foundations for all the great things to come.

Renovations of the refreshed main floor space are nearing completion and I am so excited to finally be able to offer my patients care in a space actually designed with function in mind. The new IV Room will provide nice space for a horseshoe of chairs for easier visiting (and covid spacing), a well equipped prep area with all the storage space I dream of and a spot from which baby Nova will be able to supervise! Now with 3 IV certified NDs under one roof, we have enhanced capacity for serving the people of Regina with these advanced therapies and in an accessible space!

Once I am set up on the main floor, I will be “fully” back to practice with some new creative structures to best serve my patients as well as myself and my wee ones. I will continue to use telemedicine options for follow-up visits whenever possible as long as I have baby Nova as my sidekick. I will begin accepting new patients again in October, but in a paced fashion (only a few new patient spots available per month). I’ve also come up with a new way to offer follow-up care: through anytime direct messaging! In a nutshell, $100 will provide 30 minutes of follow-up through a direct messaging app (can do voice notes as well) that allows for the quick clarifying questions to get answered, labwork reviews, or close monitoring of your situation with response time under 24 hours on weekdays and under 48 hours over the weekend. The $100 sits as a credit on your account and normal insurance-claimable receipts are produced as this service is used in my normal per 5-minute billing increments.

Along with the physical space renovations, my website is finally being completely rebuilt to create space for my digital offerings to finally come to life as well. Visit www.LauraStarkND.com for a whole pile of updates and new resources soon!

The theme of 2020 has certainly turned out to be “let’s just turn everything on it’s head and figure out what to do next”, but from the position I’ve landed in at this point, the future sure looks sweet. I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible space we call Prairie Sky, for this family of amazing colleagues and for this career I am so blessed to have found myself in. Plus these eternal joys…

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