Exit Stage Left…

My mind is already racing as I sit down to write this letter to you…my patients, my surrogate family… my tribe. Naturopathic Medicine has never been just a job for me. I am passionately invested in the wellbeing of the people I work with. Sometimes I get it right, many times I get it wrong, but whatever the outcome, I always look to learn, to deepen my understanding of the body, to gain insight into how the body behaves both in health and not.

Alas, I need to step away from this calling that has ruled my life (LOL). The last few years have seen an intensity that I hope never to meet again. Major personal and professional upheavals have left me mentally depleted and diminished physically. I think it’s time to finally ‘cry uncle’ and surrender to the rest and healing I know I need to do. It’s terribly difficult, though. I’ve already broken down in front of a few clients (JR you know who you are! Immense gratitude for your kindness)!

I wish I could adequately express how grateful I am to each and every one of you. It has been my sincere JOY to participate and bear witness to your healing and growth. You know, when I first graduated from naturopathic medical school, I left with a small bag of tools, a healthy respect for the body’s capacity for healing, and some critical knowledge as to not put someone’s life in danger. Please let me convey that any meaningful knowledge that I’ve acquired in my practice has been a direct result of my interactions with you and the information we share.

As I sit here, overwhelmed with gratitude I want to thank you for your stories, I want to thank you for your trust. I didn’t realize that a career could shape a person in the way that Naturopathic Medicine has shaped me.

I’m not going far though. Once I feel ready to come back (which I can pretty much guarantee will happen as I am just TOO RESTLESS lol), my plan is to realize a years-long dream of offering naturopathic services to underserved communities. I may even dust off my intravenous hat. For now though, sleep….. rest…..eat….


Existing patients, WHO ALREADY HAVE APPOITMENTS BOOKED, your appointment will be with me. However, your follow ups will be with Dr. Brittany Wolfe, ND. Some of you may even remember her as she was our receptionist for years! Somehow, we managed to rope her into going to naturopathic school and now we have the wonderful privilege of working WITH her.

What you’ll find with Brittany is a similar passion and ethos that has guided me throughout my practice. On top of her studies, Brittany has trained with me for the last 6 years. Initially as a doula and later as a colleague. She has the knowledge, she has the insight, and let’s be honest, she has the energy!! One of the only reasons why I am comfortable stepping away from practice is because I KNOW you will be in excellent hands.  …….go well.

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  1. Karen L Mann
    Karen L Mann says:

    Marika you helped me so immensely during my time of unwellness. I will miss seeing you when I drop in for supplements but I am wishing you all the best as you look after you and get the rest, peace that you require. The discussions we had at our appointments were such insightful and helpful, you made appointments and a stressful time in my life so much lighter to bear. Thank you


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