Inner Mean Girl: Stop Self-Sabotage Now!

Do you have goals for your health?  life, in general?
Need some help breaking free from old self-sabotaging patterns?

Reform your Inner Mean Girl 
by Christina Arylo and Amy Ahlers is one of my (Dr. Julie‘s) most favorite resources that teaches you how to stop sabotaging yourself and start living a life led by your own intuition and wise inner self.
I have used this book, personally, to help me move past the self-limiting beliefs and blocks that have prevented me from living a healthy and peaceful life.
I have recommended this book countless times in my private practice and use principles from the book in my Soulful Healing sessions.
I have led several groups through an Inner Mean Girl Cleanse, the process being so powerful and life-changing for all, I am ready to offer it again.  

We use the book Reform your Inner Mean Girl as our guide, and I sprinkle in many other transformation tools such as journey-work, guided imagery, and other creative assignments I have learned on my own path.  The class meets weekly, Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm, for 8 weeks, with your investment in you of $375, staring mid-January 2022.  Zoom and in-person options available.
Please call the clinic at (306)757-4325 or email for more info or to register.

And in the meantime, take the quiz at to find out your Inner Mean Girl Archetypes, learn more about the book and get motivated to join a group of like-minded women on this journey. Sto 

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