We Welcome Reiki Practitioner, Jenine Boser, to Our Team!

“Hello everyone! My name is Jenine Boser and I am a Reiki healer that specializes in mental health and trauma treatment. I am excited to join the Prairie Sky team. I will be practicing in the office Thursdays each week from 10am – 5pm, or appointments are available viz Zoom Monday to Saturday. I am a Saskatchewan farm girl, raised near Unity. I moved to Regina 6 years ago and it is now home.

Have you felt an overwhelming amount of stress this year? Are you ready to improve your health both mentally and physically? For all Prairie Sky patients, I am offering a free 20 minute reiki session to help you start your new year right! Visit my website to book today and use the code “FREEGIFT20” at checkout. These sessions can be done in person on Thursdays, safely physically distanced and with no hands on contact, or via Zoom Monday – Saturday.

So what is reiki? Reiki is a hundred-year-old energy healing technique that focuses on balancing our body’s natural energy. When we are “balanced” our body is healthy, active and well. When we become “imbalanced” due to stress, repressed emotions or becoming overwhelmed with life circumstances (like COVID-19) we feel ill, often with no discernable cause. Doctors are baffled when our blood work shows “normal”, medications may not be working, and you likely feel minimal symptom relief at best. Reiki aims to find the emotional and spiritual root causes of your illnesses so we can bring your energy back to balance and promote healing. Your body is a self-healer by design. Our stress response gets in the way of this natural healing and reiki is here to help. Enjoy a comfortable, safe, stress free hour all to yourself!
Visit my website to schedule your next reiki healing, to check out my blog and to enjoy a free anxiety relief mediation. Follow me on social media for upcoming events, free weekly healings and for information about all things reiki! I look forward to serving you on your healing journey.”

Facebook & Instragram: Intuition Awakening
Email: intuitionawakening@outlook.com

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