Reiki I, II and Master Levels: Journey Into Self

Back by popular demand, Elaine, our Resident Holy FIRE III Reiki Master Teacher will once again offering her signature Journey into Self –a 6 week Usui/Holy Fire Level I and II practitioner course.  This will take place in October, with details TBD as they unfold.

These workshops may be for you if:

  • You are an empath or highly sensitive person wanting to learn how to manage your energy, and stop feeling drained by energy vampires.
  • You are highly sensitive, intuitive, and have always been interested in energy work but you are unsure of yourself and where to begin.
  • You are a coach in a service based industry dealing with clients and helping them navigate to their true path and alignment.
  • You already work in a healing modality such as massage therapy or yoga and understand the benefits of healing work and want to add something to your offerings.

To find out more on the workshop, what you will learn and how it is structured, please click HERE for full details, or visit Balanced & Badass.  To pre-register and be notified of dates and details, email Elaine.Reikr



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