A Local and Green Christmas Shopping List

A  thoughtful, sustainable and local Christmas gift roundup by yours truly just in time for those of you who have not started your Christmas shopping just yet!

We’re so fortunate to have some great local businesses in this community. We can eat, drink, love our bodies and be merry all while looking mighty chic. If we have the capacity to gift the people we love with presence AND presents then why not support our local businesses this holiday season?

For the zen-seakers:

If you have yet to experience a treatment from Sam Tran Beauty , you really ought to! She offers relaxing and effective facials, some really amazing and cost-efficient green beauty products and she has also created a spa kit that makes a really great gift. Gift yourself or someone that you love with a treatment by Sam.

  • If you have yet to experience the instant soothing effect of Wilkie Wellness, now is the time. You’ll likely feel instantly calm the second that you walk into the building. They have many, many offerings to choose from but if I had to make a recommendation, I would encourage you to try a restorative yoga class. The yoga and acupuncture classes are pure bliss. Give the gift of relaxation amongst community this season.


For the eco-friendly folx:

  • For your pals that are eco-conscious, consider a gift that keeps on giving: Zero Waste Starter Kit by The Alternative  is a great round up of sure-to-please green products. The best part? No more single use plastic bags! Your friends and mother nature will thank you.
  • By now, I am sure that you’re familiar with the questionable ingredients in paraffin-based candles. Beeswax candles make a great gift for winter as they add ambience, clean the air and they naturally smell great. Joan’s beeswax candles are my favourite and they are found at Traditions Hand Craft Gallery

Consider adding in one of these gorgeous candle holders from Fort Home and Co .

For the stylish:

  • Repurposed fabrics dyed with flowers? You had me at hello. To Live and Let Dye has a selection of clothes for everyone in the family. You can also find some of her collection at Mortise & Tenon and Groovy Mama.

P.S. The owner and creator – Sage – is a wonderful soul who puts a lot of time into community efforts. Go show her some love!

Born from Saskatoon, Elizabeth Lyn  jewelry is a crowd pleaser. You can find the goods at many local retailers including Fort Home Co, Wilkie Wellness and wascana flower shop.


For the coffee/tea lovers:

  • Any coffee or tea aficionado needs a sleek pour over kettle.  Find it at Mortise & Tenon and while you’re there, take a look at their great selection of kitchen wares, toys, soaps and jewelry.


Don’t forget to grab some gift cards for our local (and divine) coffee shops such as 33 1/3, happy hi and The Everyday Kitchen.


For the organized folx:

Leuchtturm1917 are my favourite planners and lucky for us, Paper Umbrella  carries a wide selection of their goods. Peep their great cards, puzzles and other gift ideas while you’re there!

P.S. I also adore the Saskatchewan vs The World poster and I think it would make a rad present!

For the snackers:

I am well-known for my love of snacking and this local joint hits the spot! Check out Takeaway Gourmet and consider giving the gift of delicious snacks. Perhaps make a date night out of it!


For the allies:

There are so many great organizations in our community that could use a hand – especially over the holiday season. Never underestimate the power of a donation on behalf of someone or perhaps on behalf of yourself. Many hands make for lighter work. Let’s lift up our community. Consider donating money or items to a community fridge, the food bank, Salvation Army and animal shelters.

Whatever you choose to shower your loved ones with this season, remember to support your local businesses and organizations and keep sustainability in the forefront of your decision making. If presents are not in the cards this year, show up wholly for yourself, your family and your community in any which way that you can.

Happy holidays!

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