Nourish: An Evidence-Informed 3 Part Webinar Series

Join Naturopathic Doctors Brittany Wolfe and Lauren Russell for a 3-part webinar series to meet your body and learn how to nourish it using lifestyle, nutrition, herbs,  movement & more.

This webinar series was designed for folks who are looking for evidence-informed health information. We will break down the ins & outs of digestion, sleep, stress/anxiety & different forms of movement. Not only will you learn all about your body’s systems but also how to support and nourish them to transform your health.

Each class will be held from 7-8PM via zoom and consist of 45 minutes of information followed by 15 minutes for questions.

List of webinars:
Digestion – April 21st
Sleep – May 19th
Stress & anxiety – June 16th

Investment in self: Sign up for all 3 workshops for $85 or $35/session plus Eventbrite fees. 72 hour replay available.

All attendees will receive a handout including our top tips & recipes for supporting digestion, sleep, stress & more!

Sign up here!

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