I have now been over 15 years in practice (January 2005 to March 2021), and over 45 years in life and every day I learn more, grow more, become more.  We are all on these personal journeys through the human experience and as I sit with all of the amazing individuals I do, day in and day out, I am reminded that we are all far more alike than we are different.

And yet, we all often feel alone, insecure, anxious, depressed, lost, confused and think we are the only ones going through what we are going through.  This has so much to do with our unwillingness to take off our own masks, be vulnerable, be real and share what is truly going on inside of us.  This is one of the reasons I absolutely love the work I do; I get to see people at their most raw and real and thus be able to love and hold space for them in their authentic self.  It is only when we have the opportunity to be our authentic self that we have the opportunity to truly heal.

This is also the reason that I love work group and am so drawn to continually offer the opportunity for individuals to gather in a collective and heal together.  When we are held in a safe container of love, support and non-judgement, our inner work is fertilized.

My two upcoming course offerings: The Artist’s Way and Embracing Your Shadow are designed to help you deepen the most important relationship you have, and that is the relationship you have with yourself.  As we all know this is usually the most neglected relationship we have in our lives and so it stands to reason that was has suffered neglect will degrade.  Think of all the time and energy you spend on your kids, your work, your spouse, your pets, your friends, your home, your yard, etc.  Those things that you care for and invest in, in a truly loving and heart-centered way, flourish!  Caring for your children, listening to them, helping them out, encouraging them, ensuring they eat well, rest, limit their screen time… results in healthy, balanced children.  Watering your garden, picking weeds, giving it the right amount of fertilizer.. results in an abundance of healthy produce.

So?  What about you?  How do you treat yourself? How often do you turn towards yourself? Love yourself? Know yourself, your likes and dislikes, your joys, your hobbies, what brings you contentment, what doesn’t?  Do you tend to yourself? – your nutrition, your physical exercise, your soul through reading, writing, meditation, etc?  Sadly, often the answer to many of these questions results has the flavor of neglect.  Or possibly we answer in the affirmative that we do take care of ourselves… but if we are honest, do we do this somewhat aggressively, from a place of ‘not enough’? or do we actually gift ourselves with the grace of engaging in these life-giving personal practices through self-love?

To me these are fundamental questions as I firmly believe that we want our health to be sustainable and we want our inner worlds to be peaceful.  And that the path to accomplish this is through the path of self-compassion, self-knowledge and self-love.  This is my mission in life, to help others love themselves and in so doing learn to treat themselves, in mind, body and spirit, like the precious gifts that you are to this world.

If you feel called to deepen your relationship to yourself, please visit my website and check out two of my upcoming class offerings.  And reach out if you would like to participate or learn more.

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