Perk Up With Spring

Do you feel stale from months of indoor captivity and inactivity? Does each day seem like a prolonged copy of dreary yesterday?

You can’t control the weather but you can influence how you feel about it. Shed your winter ennui by inviting spring now.

Seek clarity on what matters most in your daily choices and you’ll restore your vitality quickly.

Simply de-cluttering or organizing little things can help you focus on the big things.

Working on what you can do something about gives you a sense of accomplishment. It also gives you the chance to assess and be grateful for what you have.

Refresh, rekindle and appreciate 

  • Clear your pantry and fridge: get rid of the processed foods, sugary foods, salty snacks.  Toss expired condiments, cereals, spices.
  • Revisit your supplement cupboard.  Toss what is expired, take what is left to your Naturopathic Doctor to get you on a regime that is tailor-made for you.
  • make an appointment with a: health professional (your naturopathic doctor!), spiritual counsellor/ coach, massage therapist, fitness trainer, leg waxer, hair dresser, financial advisor..  decide what areas of your life need a make-over and call in the support!
  • vacuum: your vehicle, behind the fridge, under the couch
  • clean out your: garage, basement, linen closet, filing cabinet, hard drive, iCloud storage space
  • register for a class or read a book in an area of your life that you are seeking motivation and inspiration
  • revamp your wardrobe: donate what doesn’t flatter you in fit, style or colour
  • mend what is broken, refurbish, recover, re- arrange, recycle
  • weed out your address book, re-examine relationships, forgive, restart
  • re-read your book collection, revisit childhood dreams, honour an old promise
  • re-evaluate your priorities, reaffirm your purpose, renew your vows, clarify your intentions and refine your dreams