Podcasts are an entertaining way to gather new insights into a wide variety of health topics with different experts in their respective fields.

If you are wanting to engage in more motivating and enlightening ways to optimize your health & fitness, where you’ll learn how to burn fat, get more healthy than ever, and optimize your life for the better, I highly suggest tuning in for a listen. Listen to podcasts while at the gym, going for a walk, taking a break at work, or folding laundry – anytime is a great time to learn more!

My top podcasts:

  1. The model health show- Shawn Stevenson
  2. The Doctor’s Farmacy- Dr. Mark Hymen
  3. Natural MD Radio- Dr. Aviva Romm
  4. Bulletproof radio- Dave Asprey
  5. Nutrition Facts Podcast – Dr. Michael Greger
  6. FoundMyFitness – Rhonda Patrick , PhD


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