Sick Again! Supporting Your Immune System When It’s Down

I don’t know if it has been the same in your house, but since the Fall, my little guys have been sick with a cold or stomach bug, what seems to be, every few weeks.  Masking and social distancing over the past 3 years has left our immune systems vulnerable.  Successful immune function is shaped by microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, and fungi) we encounter in our environments.  By being exposed to a broad variety of organisms, the immune system learns to fine-tune the balance between attack and tolerance mechanisms and can develop the regulatory pathways needed to avoid increased immune responses to self or harmless allergens. Nature is one of the richest sources of microbial input, and reduced exposure to natural environments adversely affects the good microorganisms in the body and its capacity to regulate the immune system. With a reduced exposure to common microorganisms over the past 3 years, our immune systems have suffered, resulting in more frequent illnesses.

Although the key to a more efficient immune system is time for natural exposure to common microorganisms, the following are some things you can do to support your immune system in the meantime.

  • Probiotics – a high dose, multi strain probiotic helps to replenish the healthy gut flora.
  • Immune support – St. Francis Deep Immune – This is a herbal combination that contains Astragalus and Codonopsis.These immune enhancing herbs help to increase the production of white blood cells and enhance immune attack.
  • Spirulina – An algae that is high in protein, which is an essential part of immune system and is nutrient dense, high in B vitamins and minerals. All these features of spirulina help to significantly improve the immune system.  Try mixing it with apple juice to mask the taste : )
  • Decrease sugar and processed foods and increase greens in the diet. Harmful bacteria flourish in the presence of sugar. Eating a diet rich in green leafy vegetables promotes the growth of the beneficial gut flora, improves the immune system, and replenishes a healthy gut environment.
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