Simple Supports to Survive Cold and Flu Season

Welcome to the season of the lungs! As we know, with the change of seasons, we become more vulnerable to cold and flu season. Aside from all of the other great advice and support from your naturopathic doctor, here are my favourite lifestyle recommendations to keep your lymphatic system and immune system in tip-top shape this season:

Dry Skin Brushing 

Dry skin brushing is a really amazing way to support the movement of your lymph. The benefits include: exfoliating and removing dead skin cells, stimulating and draining the lymphatic system, increasing circulation, promoting detoxification and elimination, aiding digestion, as well as strengthening the immune system.

Dry Skin Brushing Instructions:

Ideally done in the morning before you shower
use a long handled, natural bristle brush, preferably with a long handle to help with hard to reach areas of your body
Use a gentle pressure and sweep the brush in strokes or circular motions on the skin, approximately 3-5 strokes per area
Start at your feet and work your way up your legs towards the groin
The abdominal area can be treated in a clockwise motion
Then brush your hands and move up your arms, always brushing towards your heart
Avoid the face, broken skin, rashes and any other sensitive areas
Dry skin brushing is most effective before your morning shower (especially alternating hot-cold shower) and/or before you go to bed.

At least 5 minutes of skin brushing daily for 3 weeks every month is recommended.

Warming Socks Treatment

Warming socks works by stimulating the body’s natural healing responses during acute infections. This treatment encourages the body to increase overall blood circulation in order to warm up the cold socks. In doing so, it draws from areas of congestion in the upper respiratory passages, head, and throat.

As a safe treatment for the whole family, warming socks is perfect at bedtime, or nap time, as it has a soothing and sedating effect, helping you to sleep through the night even when you’re feeling under the weather.

Items needed:

1 pair of medium weight 100% cotton socks
1 pair of thick 100% wool socks
Access to cold water, maybe warm water and a towel


If your feet are cool or cold, warm them by running under warm water for a few minutes and dry off with a towel.
Soak cotton socks in cold water. Wring out excess water until wet but not dripping.
Put on wet cotton socks.
Put dry wool socks on top.
Cover well with blankets and go to bed. Stay warm in bed with feet covered overnight. When you wake in the morning, your feet will be warm and the socks will be dry.
Repeat for 3 nights in a row or as directed by your naturopathic doctor.

*Caution: People with chronic health concerns or conditions, or those with compromised immune systems, should consult with a health professional before starting the above treatments.