Sol Sounding – Summer Solstice

Journey with us as we follow the Sun. Summer Solstice a time to let in the light. Allow in life’s goodness. We celebrate the Summer Solstice with an inner journey, seeking balance as we check in with our inner whisperings.

This offering will bring forth music of the soul. Music that resonates with our heart center, slowing down the quick pace of our lives and entraining us to slow down to the beat of our own inner rhythm.

Dr. Julie Zepp leads by example and takes a deep personal dive and curates inspired words to support us as we open up to listen to the messages of each rhythmic cycle.

Then the Alchemy of Sound begins. Tara Semple listens deeply and responds to the sounds that call out to be brought forth. Immersing the participants in the frequecies of resonate sounds. Bathing the room in sounds that support deep relaxation, sounds that shake up stuck energy and sounds that are followed by the voice of silence.

Try something new, allow yourself the opportunity to listen to your own inner whisperings. What does your heart have to tell you at this time?

Please join our beautiful community of sound. See you in the Sound Field.


– bring cushions, blankets and a pillow for your comfort as you rest on the floor.

– chairs available on request

– there is an elevator, then there is 4 steps up to the gym.

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