Soulful Healing with Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge N.D. – Part 1

    • 8 weeks towards optimal health; Next class TBA
    • We all have goals for our health and our lives.  At times we struggle with being able to fulfill those goals and I would like to help you create a life that you love to live!
    • Feeling healthy and whole is an important part of living life to the fullest.  I invite you to join me, Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge N.D., for this transformative workshop on mind-body-soul health.  This group program is designed to gently introduce participants to the many levels of health: energetic, emotional, psychological and physical.
  • We will be using tools such as sharing, journaling, scrapbooking and meditation to invoke our creative and intuitive right brains.

Week One – Self-compassion.  Based on the ground-breaking work of Dr. Kristen Neff PhD we will set the foundations for self-compassion as the number one place to start healing.  Research is showing that without self-compassion lasting change in health habits simply don’t happen.
Week Two – Mindfulness.  Bringing our non-judgmental awareness into as many of our waking moments as possible can help increase our joy, enhance our relationships, improve our health and allow us to simply be more present in our lives.
Week Three– Self-sabotage.  In this week we will meet our Inner Critic – that part of us that is holding us back from living our most brilliant life.  We will learn tools from Brene Brown (Daring Greatly) and Amy Ahlers (Inner Mean Girl) to work with this voice to overcome self-sabotage.
Week Four– Awakening our Intuition.  Pulling from Doreen Virtue’s work I will help you uncover your intuitive style and voice.  We all have this part of us that holds all of our wisdom and brilliance and it is so important that we learn to tune into and listen to this wise voice when making choices for our health.
Week Five– Radical self-care.  When our cups are full they overflow!  Learning to invest in ourselves not only increases our energy, happiness and vitality – it is infectious and everyone around us benefits.
Week Six– Eating for Health, Vitality and Energy.  7 billion diets for 7 billion people: one size does not fit all when it comes to which foods are right for you.  This week we will determine what your body would most thrive on.
Week Seven – Designing your ideal supplement plan.  Based on your health and your health goals.
Week Eight – Taking it out into the world!  How to work these principles of healthy living into your life.

All classes are held at the Cathedral Centre for Wellness – 2146 Robinson Street.  Investment in yourself is $375,   Space is limited to 8 participants in order to maintain intimacy and connection.

Call (306) 757-HEAL [4325] for more details or to register.

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