Special Announcement from Dr. Wolfe

I’m happy to announce that I am expecting a baby this summer. I wanted to let you all know about my practice plans so that you can make arrangements to see me prior or upon return. At this time, practice is looking like this:

– As of June, I will be pausing initial intakes so that I can make sure my current clients have access to me before I go on a short mat leave.
– If all goes according to plan, I will be out of office from June 24, 2024 – Oct 1, 2024.
– I will be returning with slightly reduced hours in October. initial intakes will be available again in October.

Please help me by making good use of the waitlist during this time on Jane or ask reception to add you to the list. This is how I know that you need an appointment with me. I will be scanning my waitlist a few times per week from here on and will be accommodating my current clients as fast as I can with the hope that I can see whoever needs to be seen before I venture off into new mama-hood.

I want to say the deepest, most sincere thank you to those of you who already know and who have been so very kind and supportive.