Product Feature: St. Francis Echinacea Plus Kids

The anticipation of Spring is in the air!  With more mild temperatures, it is easy for kiddos to shed some of their layers of clothing and head outside.  The transition to Spring can still be a common time for colds and flus, especially for kids, as they tend to be outside more often with suboptimal gear.


Introducing St. Francis Echinacea Plus Kids.  This wonderful product contains two species of echinacea – purpurea and angustifolia.  A combination of both species of echinacea allows for maximum immune benefit by boosting and modulating the immune response.  It is effective at shortening the duration and severity of colds and flus.  It also tastes great so is the perfect option for kids when they are feeling under the weather.


Spring is just around the corner; however, as we wait for those more consistent warm days, be prepared for one last cold or flu this season and help support your child with St. Francis Echinacea Plus Kids.


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