Summer 2019 Newsletter

Stay healthy this summer!
Our goal is your good health and we are here to give you the support you need to obtain and sustain vibrant health.  From quarterly newsletters, classes and workshops, and private consultations to educate and inspire, Cathedral Wellness is on your team.
To start you off on the right foot, we invite you to visit our clinic during the first week of July for our WELCOME SUMMER SALE!
From July 2nd through to July 5th, 2019, pop into the clinic and save 10% off our in-stock supplements!  You are welcome to call ahead to have your supplements set aside for you, in order to ensure we have them in stock.  Note:  some exemptions apply.

We have also compiled our Summer Newsletter It’s information packed so does take awhile to load, so please be patient and click HERE to read all about what you can do for seasonal allergies, find out the scoop on intermittent fasting, learn about the healing benefits of the popular herb rosemary and how to maximize it’s use in your life.
There are a collection of deliciously healthy summer recipes and as well as some information on a new device we have coming to our clinic, the Bemer physical vascular therapy.  Check out the NEWSLETTER for more info on the therapy and scroll down this email for information on Dr. Michelle Sthamann’s open house she is hosting for you to check out this amazing technology on July 4th from 6-9pm.
And on the topic of NEW, we have a new patient package summer promo as well as a welcome to the newest member of our team of Naturopathic Doctors.  Read on!

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