Sun Series Soundbath for the Fall Equinox

The Sun Series Sound bath experience premiered with ‘A Solstice Sounding’ on Dec 21, 2021 and have continued each change of season ever since.  These offerings are the creative child of artist, writer and musician Tara Semple of Shunyata Sound Studio and they offer a unique combination of concert music, inspired word, and the immersion in the field of sound.
Dr. Julie Zepp will host this series, opening and closing sacred space, and sharing inspired words for each offering.  Each offering includes a guest artist(s) who will share music that deeply resonates with them.


The improvised Sound Bath will consist of gongs, crystal bowls, drums, shakers, sansula and more. The series will be held in the gymnasium of Knox-Metropolitan United Church. Please bring a floor mat, blanket and a pillow to ensure your comfort as you are invited to close your eyes and lie down to enjoy this series.
The next event takes place in honour of the Fall Equinox and will be held on Thursday September 19th at 7 PM.  Tickets are $27.50 and available through Eventbrite.
Looking forward to meeting you in the sound field!

Click here to purchase your ticket.


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