Tempo Giusto-the right time-PSH

Tempo Giusto-The Right Speed

Since first becoming a mom two years ago, I have learned so much about myself and life itself.  As I entered into the “terrible twos” with my eldest, I was left trying to figure out how to help support him through the time of development where he is trying to figure out the world around him and how to exist in it.  I am inspired by the book The Montessori Toddler: A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being by Simone Davies.

In Davies’ book she outlines the importance of time.  When we allow children unscheduled and unrushed time their wonder and curiosity flourishes.  Curiosity leads to self-discovery and the development of creative solutions. If we are continually rushed as parents, our child becomes resistant and does not cooperate because they become stressed.  Going slow, allows our child time to be curious, and learn from the task at hand.

Taking time to see the world from the perspective of an 8-month and a 2-year old has given me more insight into what it means to learn from every experience and enjoy each day to the fullest.  Children are the perfect example of how to live totally in the moment. While we are great at being one step ahead by making lists in our head of all the things that need to be accomplished, a child remains totally present and spots the ant escaping down into a crack in the pavement.

This simple but profound lesson is one that can allow us to live in a dynamic way- with an open mind to learn and grow.  If we fall victim to the busyness of our world, continually rushing around always trying to accomplish the next thing on our to-do-list, we lose sight of that child-like curiosity, our day feels mundane and our ability to discover and learn becomes second place.  So, it’s time to take the time to be curious. Allow yourself time to explore, time for movement, time for language and conversation, time for building connections – time to learn! (Davies, 2019)

Tempo Giusto-the right time

When life gets hectic, uncertain and overwhelming STOP and notice the way that ladybug crawls along the sidewalk, or the way the light enters through the window and casts a shadow on the wall, or the way it feels to jump into a pile of pillows, and find your tempo giusto.


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