The Artist’s Way with Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge N.D.

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The Artist’s Way is 12 week program written by Julia Cameron. Initially intended to be a program to help creatives free themselves from “writer’s block” this book/ program rapidly became a worldwide success used by individuals of all walks of life as a tool to help tap them tap into their inner creativity, wisdom, confidence and remove blocks from all aspects of life.

I have been through this program several times in my life and each time I do it, it has moved me through periods of stagnation and has helped me rediscover my motivation, move through self-sabotaging habits and tap more deeply into my potential.
Though it is possible to do this as a workbook on one’s own, joining a group to do the work creates commitment, accountability and deepens transformation.

Investment in you is $475. This is for 14 weekly meetings, materials but does not include the book itself.

Space is limited so please call (306) 757-4325 or email me to register or for more information.

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